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All Welcome for the Fuelling Wellness Symposium

Are you excited for the Global Animal Nutrition Summit, but want to tailor your learning to your real-world experience?

As part of the Global Animal Nutrition Summit hosted virtually at the University of Guelph, the Fuelling Wellness Symposium offers something for all pet care professionals. This unique symposium, hosted by the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (CAVN) and Equine Guelph, brings together veterinary healthcare teams, pet care paraprofessionals and equine professionals in one central (virtual) place to learn more about the fuel we use to help our pets live their best lives.

This single-day symposium on Saturday, August 15th, titled “Fuelling Wellness – Developing Your Animal Nutrition Tool Kit” promises to deliver something for everyone interested in improving the lives of pets. The program is now live and features an equine, veterinary and pet professional stream.

The Veterinary steam and Paraprofessional stream open the day with a panel of nutrition experts in the field, exploring what the future of food may hold for dogs and cats, while the Equine stream will explore a model of the equine digestive tract. Thorough the day, attendees will learn more about timely nutrition topics that they can use every day in their kennels, stables, clinics, catteries, salons and stores.

Attendees can expect to learn more about pet nutrition with lectures and workshops tailored to your experience and level. All attendees are welcome to attend any stream they choose, with the ability to attend the areas which most peak your interest and profession.

Time is running out! To register, please visit the GANS website, We look forward to “seeing” you there!