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The What’s in Your Cup Challenge!

What is it?

We challenge YOU to weigh your scoop! Record and share to our social media, tag 3 friends, and tag our page! For every video uploaded to our page, your name will be entered into a draw for a prize!

How to enter:

1) Like and share this post and/or the announcement video.

2) Post your video to our page and tag us @OVCPetNutrition

3) Tag 3 friends you want to take the WIYC Challenge!
Each entry will receive a draw for a prize! Draws will occur on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, October 14th!

What should be in you video?
1) Fill your pet’s measuring cup or scoop with their food!

2) Use a digital scale to weigh the results!

3) This is open to ALL species, so if you have a large animal, you can use a digital luggage scale.