A yorkie having a physical examination by two veterinarians in white gloves.

Ask, And You Shall Succeed!

In a study recently published in the Journal Of Veterinary Medical Association, OVC’s Dr. Jason Coe, in collaboration with our own Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe, found that the key to taking an accurate nutrition history is all about asking the right questions. Entitled, Effects of three diet history questions on the amount of information gained from a sample of pet owners in Ontario, Canada, the study examined the effects of three diet history questions on the amount and type of diet-related information gathered from pet owners. To assess the effect of each question asked, the history taken as a result of each question was compared against information collected via a diet history survey. Using broad, open questions or requests that invite expansion from pet owners, for example “Tell me everything Fluffy eats in a day”, are the best approach for gathering diet-related information.