About Us

Our Mission

You’ve heard it said that “You are what you eat”, and we know that the food we choose to feed our pets is the vehicle that delivers nutrients needed to sustain life. But it can do so much more – optimal nutrition can give pets their best life! Nutrition can even be our pet’s medicine to treat disease or synergistically work with other modalities to provide the best treatment.

Our mission is to explore innovations in pet nutrition based on a firm foundation of nutritional science. Our research investigates new ideas in pet nutriton; how changing their food can help to give them longer, healthier lives.

Our Team

Team photo 2019
Current and Past Members of the OVC Nutrition Team (clockwise): Shoshana Verton-Shaw, Sarah Abood, Sarah Dodd, Adriana Bianco, Hannah Godfrey, Adronie Verbrugghe, Caitlin Grant, Alex Rankovic, Alex Camara, and Nicole Weidner