Black magnifying glass resting on top of a tan notebook on a white wooden table.

When a Little Means a Lot

Our team’s work was recently showcased at the Canadian Nutrition Society’s Annual Conference, hosted virtually this year. MSc student, Hannah Godfrey, had the opportunity to present her study, Choline supplementation lowered body weight, body condition score, and daily food intake compared to a control in post-gonadectomized kittens. Despite it’s potential health and behavioural benefits, spay and neuter surgery has been demonstrated to increase the risk of obesity. By supplementing growing kittens with choline after their neuter surgeries, dietary choline might provide a preventive effect against obesity.

This may hold the promise of a potential tool to help in the prevention of a growing epidemic in veterinary medicine. More study in this area is certainly warranted and may even help to treat obesity in human medicine.

Hannah holding a tabby cat