Month: November 2020

Cut the Fat But Support the Cat

Cut the Fat But Support the Cat Dr. Caitlin Grant demonstrates a gap in essential nutrient intake when cats eat fewer calories for weight loss

When treating and preventing obesity in our companion animals, it is not uncommon for caregivers and members of the healthcare team to question: How low is too low when restricting calories for weight loss? Are our cats meeting their nutrient requirements during weight loss?

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Understanding nutrients and ingredients

Understanding nutrients and ingredients

It can be confusing to navigate pet food labels and determine whether a diet is appropriate for your pet or not. Often, the presence or absence of particular ingredients are prominently displayed, while the nutritional content of the diet may take second stage. It’s important to determine the difference between ingredients and nutrients in order to evaluate pet foods. 

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Introducing…Olivia Chiu!

With a new school year starting, we are excited to introduce you to our new team members who have joined us this fall! We will be interviewing our new team members to help you become acquainted with them as professionals, students and people.

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