Alicia standing on a bridge in a purple and orange coat with a brown scarf and grey mittens.

Introducing… Alicia Lorch!

This summer, the OVC Pet Nutrition Team welcomed a new member, Alicia (RVT, CCRVN)! We sat down with Alicia to learn more about her veterinary background, interests, and pets!

Alicia standing by a bridge in an orange, black and purple plaid coat with a brown scarf and mittens on.

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as passionate, outgoing, career-driven, and caring. I am also a big animal lover!

What interests or motivates you the most?

This is so cliché, but animals! Being able to provide the absolute best care for all animals has always been what motivates me. I have always been determined to learn all that I can, and succeed in all areas of being an RVT so that I can provide the absolute best care to our furry friends. However, along the way I have become very interested in medicine and everything that comes along with it. I continue to pursue different specialties, take online courses and learn daily because of the interest I have in medicine; all while being motivated by my love for animals!

Where did you work before joining the OVC Pet Nutrition Team?

I began my journey as an RVT in 2018 at the OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital. While working there as a general practice technician, I completed my Canine Rehabilitation Certification and began working for the OVC Fitness and Rehab center as well!

When did you become interested in nutrition?

My love for nutrition began when I was in tech school. I remember the first nutrition lecture I had and can clearly recall how surprised I was at how much went in to making diets and how little I knew about them. I was so intrigued that nutrition quickly became one of my favourite classes. Now, I continue to be interested in nutrition because I see how big of a difference proper nutrition makes in our pet’s health in so many aspects. Nutrition truly goes hand in hand with all areas of veterinary medicine. I believe that bringing deeper awareness of nutrition to other departments of veterinary medicine, as well as owners, will provide our pets with the best care and the ability to live long, happy lives.

Tell us about your pets, past and present.

I currently have four pets. Lumi is a 7-year-old Sheltie who loves fetch, snacks and barking. He is a happy, loving, sweet boy!

Leti is in a grassy field on a sunny day. He has a black handkerchief with white polka dots on it. His tongue is sticking out.

Billy is an 11-year-old Domestic Medium Hair. He is probably one of the highest maintenance cats you’ll find. He loves food, naps, giving himself baths, stealing human food when he doesn’t think you’re looking, and feeling the breeze through the screen door!

Billy is a grey medium-haired cat with a white belly and a white stripe and nose. He has green eyes. In this photo, his head is tilted to the right.

Faith is a 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel. She is a sassy, cuddly gal who loves a heated blanket and a nap.

In June, I adopted Leti, a 5-month-old Pomeranian. He is a fun, outgoing puppy. Leti loves to chase his brother and sister in a field, roll in blankets, and give kisses!

Leti is chasing a turquoise tennis ball in a grassy field on a sunny day. Faith is trailing behind him with a green tennis ball in her mouth.

I am a HUGE advocate of the rescue world. One of my biggest passions is rescuing pups and seniors! Lumi is my last pup that will be purchased from a breeder and Leti and Faith are both from rescues. I have fostered many animals and have had two very special forever fosters; Katie and Allee.

Katie was rescued at age 15 and lived with me for two beautiful years before finding peace. She loved biscuits, nose kisses, snuggles and rides in her wagon.

Katie cuddling up in blankets in a green wagon.

Allee was rescued at age 8 and lived with me for nine wonderful months before finding peace. She loved snuggling up in cozy beds and blankets, snoring, relaxing at the cottage and head scratches.

Allee is smiling at the camera in a black coat with pink striping along the edges.

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